Squirrel and Raven

A short fable

December 30, 2021

Squirrel was busy saving nuts for the winter. She covered each brown juicy nut with earth to keep it safe until she was hungry.

Raven saw Squirrel at work. Those nice brown nuts looked good. He followed behind Squirrel and dug up each nut after she covered them.

Squirrel saw what he was doing. "Get your own food. There are plenty of nuts for you to pick up yourself."

"Ah," said Raven, "But these nuts are better. You have already chosen them and I know you would not save nuts that are rotten."

"But these are mine," Squirrel said. "I will need them when the trees are bare and there is no food to find."

"That is too bad for you," Raven said, digging up another nut, cracking the shell and eating the meat inside.

Squirrel was angry. She stopped saving nuts and went home.

The next day, Raven saw Squirrel hard at work again. Squirrel turned and chattered at Raven when she saw him. Raven dug where Squirrel had finished. What a surprise! Squirrel had buried round brown rocks instead!

"I almost broke my beak!" Raven shouted. "Why are you saving rocks for the winter?"

"These are a new kind of nut," Squirrel laughed. "They are low in fat."

So Raven stopped stealing from Squirrel. Then Squirrel started saving nuts again.

© Copyright 2021, Bonnie Ferron